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Rita M. Alarcon

In 2016, Rita Elizabeth Melville Alarcon was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. But that is not her story. Ritas’ story is far greater than that - beginning far before, and continuing far after. 


Raised in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, Rita was one of five children. Her mother was a teacher and her father was an electrical engineer in the aerospace industry. Growing up, Rita gained a respect for animals and the earth from her mother, and a knowledge of the mysteries of space from her father. Her strong connection to the earth, as well as her sensitivity to energy and emotions, was something she did not outgrow. 


She applies this love and sensitivity in all aspects of her life now as an artist, writer,  yoga instructor, and student of Frequency Energy Medicine (TM). 


After graduating from CSU Northridge with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Accounting Theory and Practice, Rita began a twenty-four year State of California Career in Sacramento.  After nineteen years as an accountant and five years as a project manager, she took her retirement and is living the next part of her adventure in her family home on Kailua, Hawaii. She lives with her husband Joe and her wonderful dog, Buddy.


When she is not creating or learning, Rita can be found on the beach, traveling, and exploring the magic of the world we live in.


Rita is a breast cancer survivor and thriver, and was inspired by the experience to change her story and share with others. Through her blog and her book (to be released in 2019) she strives to share the beauty of the world that she sees.  

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