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The Old Man In The Tree.jpg

Join Dweizel and Freizel and their friends for an adventure. In the first Dweizel and Freizel Adventure Book, the tree elves, Al and Scot join the twins for an adventure. Al, The Old Man in the Tree, is Scott's grandfather. Scott comes to live with the twins and learns about their world. Come along and find out what happens. Note: Dweizel and Freizel Adventure Books can be read in any order.

The Old Man in the Tree

Leave Me Breastless

What goes through your mind when hearing the words, you have breast cancer? Where do you go for peace? How do you wade through the fear? Prepare to be inspired, discover the wonder of the messages of the body, mind, and spirit, increase health, vitality, and energy, practice prevention, and see how one can redesign life when the old one no longer fits.

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